COREVA is a supplier- and system-independent consulting company in business processes and information technology (IT). Our services are aimed at companies of all sizes and industries including public administration and non-profit organizations. COREVA serves projects around the world but has a geographical focus on Europe.

The range of services offered by COREVA includes the use of information technology and business processes in organizations. Experienced consultants are available to support projects and initiatives and COREVA also offers comprehensive assistance with audits of IT departments, projects, systems and business processes, as well as the complete outsourcing of IT audit functions.

Company History

COREVA AG was founded in 2004 in response to the demand arising from changes in audit and consultancy regulations. After the spectacular collapse of several listed companies, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was passed in the USA, restricting the range of advisory activities that auditors could perform without compromising their independence.

Companies became reluctant to continue buying consultancy services from accounting firms. Conflicts of interest can compromise an organisation?s internal control system when both audit work and advisory assignments are performed by the same provider.

These events prompted a group of experienced advisors and auditors from 'big four' accounting firms to set up COREVA. Their background in consulting work was focused in those areas where business processes and information technology intersect, enabling them to provide advisory services that are independent of supplier and other vested interests.

Experience as both IT and business experts has helped our employees to get to know many companies in different industries, enabling us to incorporate best practice easily into our work. Today, COREVA builds on the fact that our employees bring a wealth of experience from various companies and organizations.


Our philosophy is to make our experience available to our customers and to provide a service that goes beyond the use of methodologies and tools. We don't hide behind the latest jargon and we won't try to apply the same solution to every problem.

We want a long-term working relationship with both our clients and our employees. Customer satisfaction is crucial to us and is an essential pre-requisite for the on-going trust of our clients. This is based on the consistently high-quality of COREVA's staff. To meet our quality standards COREVA only employs experienced professionals who have more than 10 years experience obtained in industry and as auditors and consultants.

We take your questions and requirements seriously and will not make promises that we cannot keep. This includes time for reflection and review from different angles. It is therefore important to us on any project, to be mutually open to discussion and critical appraisal.