Our Services

COREVA?s consultancy portfolio encompasses all business types and sizes and covers a wide range of topics related to business processes, information technology and IT risk management.

Our services primarily include strategy, design and the implementation of business processes and their supporting IT systems, as well as specific operational issues.

Our IT Management service can help with the definition of strategic direction as well as with outsourcing initiatives, or process improvements in domains such as Change Management or Quality Management.

The security of installed computer systems is just as important as the organization of IT services and their alignment with business goals. For us, IT Security is not only conventional protection against attack or system misuse, but is also ensuring that business continuity and disaster recovery procedures are in place.

To achieve your organization?s goals, effective IT services must be place to support business processes, which must also function efficiently. Projects must complete successfully in order for IT to provide optimum support. Our Project Management services offer support during the initiation and selection of project or outsourcing partners for a specific assignments. Project Portfolio Management should ensure that there is coordination, for all current and planned projects, between the projects themselves and with business requirements, available budget and other required resources. The overall design of the internal control system is another important element in achieving your company?s goals. Nowadays effective internal controls are also often needed for legal reasons.

In addition to the design IT and business processes, we offer audit and compliance support services, such as preparation for upcoming audits or maintaining compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. We also assist audit departments to perform IT and process-related audits, providing a fully-outsourced service, working with you in a co-sourcing arrangement, or providing a specialist subject-matter expert.

Our specialists can also assist you with other conceptual issues and evaluate ideas or propoasals.

As we are not allied with any software and hardware suppliers you can be assured that we will   provide independent advice about the best solution for your needs.