Additional Services

If you have an unusual information technology or business process problem to solve, you should talk to COREVA. Our specialists may well be able to help you. You already know about the services we provide in the areas of IT management, IT security, project management, compliance, IT audit and internal control systems. But we can also assist you with conceptual questions - proactively and efficiently. Whether it?s a matter of designing processes or systems, or needing your design to be assessed by independent experts, you should talk to us.

We can help you to decide the best way forward for your management information systems. We can help determine whether the architecture and the design of your software system will be suitable in the future. Or, for example, if a role-based access approach (RBAC) can be implemented in your existing systems architecture.

Feel free to contact us and we?ll show you how we can work together to get the right answers to your questions. We look forward to your request. Just send us an e-mail.

COREVA can assist you with specialist IT or business process problems and can advise you on architecture and design challenges.