Outsourcing Assessment

With globalization, rising markets and cost pressures, co-sourcing and outsourcing are becoming increasingly important. There are many opportunities and benefits but an equal number of associated risks.
Our experience shows that many outsourcing projects never achieve their objectives and can often incur high levels of additional costs.
Short-term cost savings should not be the only measure of success when evaluating outsourcing solutions. A clear strategic view of your goals and the choice of a reliable outsourcing partner will always provide greater long-term benefits for the company.

Our Services

Our consultants can help you with a wide range of outsourcing services:

  • Identifying potential business and service outsourcing targets
  • Deciding objectives, requirements and restrictions
  • Assessing benefits, risks and costs
  • Evaluating suppliers and solutions
  • Defining performance criteria and establishing Service Level Management
  • Supervising an entire outsourcing project
  • Supplying experienced Project Managers
  • Reviewing performance after service commencement
  • Assessing statutory and regulatory compliance requirements e.g. SFBC circular 99 / 2

The Advantages

COREVA can work with you on all aspects of outsourcing, bringing you these benefits:

  • A focus on core business
  • Cost savings through economies of scale
  • A clearly defined strategy
  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Protection of your reputation


Find out more by downloading our Outsourcing Assessment Fact Sheet.