Project Portfolio Managemement

Project Portfolio Management?s goal is to coordinate all current and planned projects. This co-ordination role is not limited to project finances and resource availability but should also help avoid duplication of project contents and ensure that inter-project dependencies are taken into account and included in the planning process.

Good Project Portfolio Management begins this coordination role before a project starts. PPM also receive suggestions for projects and ensure that all project proposals are coordinated with the company?s objectives.

Why Project Portfolio Management?

The implementation of a strategy, whether for the overall business strategy or for one division, should generally be matched by the selection and implementation of suitable projects. All projects require resources and money and are therefore in competition with each other.

PPM is used mainly to:

  • Identify project proposals
  • Assess ideas based on user-defined criteria
  • Establish priorities within the project
  • Be the focus of activities
  • Fine-tuning projects with each other

The key to project selection is to have a good understanding of the priorities, costs and benefits. In doing so, good Project Portfolio Management can be helpful to you.

Our Services

To help you implement sound Project Portfolio Management, COREVA can provide you with the following support:

  • Implementation of a process for the collection and identification of project proposals
  • Selection and implementation of an evaluation method, associated criteria and risks
  • Estimation of project resource requirements and budget etc
  • Compilation and maintenance of a project portfolio
  • Using project interdependencies as a basis for management decision
  • Regular monitoring of all ongoing projects in terms of objectives, budget, timing, etc.

Your Benefits

Well-planned and effective Project Portfolio Management helps you with all the important issues related to project implementation. This results in several qualitative and quantitative benefits:

  • Transparent and accountable project selection process
  • Fact-based decision making with clear priorities
  • Consideration of interdependencies between projects
  • Continuous monitoring of the portfolio.

Fact Sheet

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