System and Partnership Evaluation

No company is truly ?self-sufficient? with the human and infrastructure resources to provide, by themselves, every product or service the company requires. Whether you need assistance with a project or to purchase and install a software product for example, you will have to select the best and most useful solution each time.

Each vendor and provider will try to sell you their services and products, regardless of whether or not they meet your needs. Even within an industry, no single solution is the best one each competitor. Standard software package functionality, for example, must be tailored to your needs. Functions that are not required can even be detrimental under certain circumstances.

Therefore, any decision about a service partner or third-party product should be based on clear requirements criteria and a coherent evaluation scale for selection. Such an evaluation will achieve better results than opinions formed by 'gut instinct' alone.

Why System und Partner Evaluation?

To avoid just such ?gut reactions? it is important to use a structured requirements-based selection process. When choosing potential partners, problem areas can be minimized by using clear selection criteria:

  • Each vendor and service provider will try to convince you to use their solution
  • No one solution will be suitable for every company
  • Each standard package must be tailored to your requirements
  • Functionality that is not needed can cause problems

Performing a structured assessment will reveal the facts behind first impressions and sales techniques and will help ensure a more transparent decision-making process.

Our Services

A structured partner or system selection should not be too bureaucratic. COREVA offers a transparent assessment of products or services. Our selection process is based on a multi-phase model and includes the following steps:

  • Design of the invitation to tender and definition of requirements criteria
  • Definition and weighting of selection criteria
  • Identification of the eligible providers offer prompt delivery
  • Initial selection of bids
  • Obtaining additional information about the shortlisted suppliers: news items, annual reports, presentations, application tests and product demonstrations, etc.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the tenders and additional information
  • Creation of a recommendation: final ranking based on the pre-defined criteria

Your benefits

You will get a basis for decision-making that is transparent, structured and fact-based. In addition, there may be a differences between the expected and actual performance of a potential partner or bzw. den Funktionen des zugekauften Produktes bereits vor der Entscheidung sichtbar. This knowledge helps, for example, in a project to implement software to introduce corrective actions at an early stage and to prepare the organization.

The data gathered as the basis for decision-making will also provide you with these direct benefits:

  • Higher chance of success in projects, product and partner selection
  • Higher ROI
  • Reduction of impact and additional costs
  • Traceable, fact-based decisions
  • Greater acceptance of the decision

A structured selection process reduces risks and at the same time increases the positive potential of projects.

Fact Sheet

Download the most important facts about our System and Partner Evaluation services here.