Project Management

Optimal Information Technology support for the business involves successful project implementation and the alignment of current or planned projects with business requirements for scope, budget and resources. This is the responsibility of Project Portfolio Management. This function includes leadership and management roles in coordinating projects and ensuring alignment with business goals as well as administrative monitoring and reporting. To find out more, please visit our Project Portfolio Management page.

While Project Portfolio Management oversees all of the projects in a company or a division, it is the Project Manager?s task to lead an individual project to success. In practice this means that project objectives must be achieved on time, using the budget, technical and team resources allotted to the Project Manager. This is the central challenge for many projects. Targets, responsibilities and financial resources are often poorly defined and allocated. To find out how we can help you to deliver your projects successfully, please visit our Project Management page.

Because each project is unique and may require specialist knowledge, many companies use external partners to help run their projects e.g. implementing a new ERP system. Choosing the right internal and external partners for your projects team is an important factor in determining success. COREVA have tools and techniques to help you select the right partner by basing your decision on clear-cut criteria that reflect your company?s needs and characteristics. Likewise, our consultants can also provide assistance to find the right IT system for you. Learn more about our System and Partner Evaluation services here.

Specifically with complex systems, it can be important not to rely entirely on your implementation partner. Retaining control of key areas such as process design, quality management or organizational change management is crucial and should not be left solely with implementation partners. Ensure that you implement the system you want, not the one that is most convenient for your supplier.

Our consultants can provide independent expert support in a wide-range of areas, making a positive contribution to your project success.

COREVA can help you to implement successful and effective project and project portfolio management.