Audit and Compliance

Audits and compliance reviews are now a necessary and sometimes unwelcome part of the life of any organisation. IT departments are subject to increasing numbers of internal and external audits and legal, regulatory or due diligence reviews. Meeting an industry-recognised standard may also be a prerequisite for business operations.

But preparing for a review, determining compliance requirements and the audit itself can take valuable time and resources away from other strategic projects. It may require expertise that you do not have in-house. COREVA?s consultants have many years of experience in planning, performing and participating in IT audits and compliance management work.

We can help you to prepare for forthcoming audits or to ensure you comply with regulatory and statutory requirements. Our specialists will assist you to identify and then implement the measures needed to achieve compliance. We can also assist you to implement a compliance management system, enabling you to meet regulations in the required timeframe.

We can provide direct assistance with performing IT and process-related audits, providing you with specific specialist knowledge or a fully-outsourced service.