IT Security

Potential threats to the organization have never before been so many and so widespread. Extensive application of complex information, network and communication technology throughout the business world means that a single incident could potentially affect an entire enterprise.

Organizations often fail to recognize that the main source of threat does not come from outside. The most common causes of substantial loss of data are incomplete basic processes and procedures, such as backup or disaster recovery. It is therefore crucial to manage IT Security comprehensively, but with appropriate common sense.

COREVA helps you to systematically identify and assess internal and external threats and vulnerabilities. We can help you to identify information protection requirements and priorities for your systems and processes, to reduce unexpected and unforeseen risks to your business success.

Based on potential threats and the level of protection required, security guidelines, such as an Information Security Management System, can be developed to continually adapt IT security to the organisation's needs.

Whilst Business Continuity Plans must be in place to cope with disruptions caused by external events, Contingency Plans for the most immediate measures can also be developed using the same information.

It is important to us that the complexity and scope of regulations are adapted to the organization?s structures and requirements. Security specifications should not be an extra burden upon the business but should support its interests and goals.

Coreva can help you to ensure that you have the right level of security in place to protect your organisation's assets.